Valvole (LP)

Valvole (LP)

Ugo Busoni
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Ugo Busoni's “Valvole” is a classic example of the so-called library music records released – between the end of the Sixties and up to the Nineties – in Italy as in the rest of the world, in order to provide 'background music' to be used in the editing of news broadcasts, radio and newsreels. These were records made by highly experienced composers and musicians who, in a very short time and with limited or non-existent budgets, had to make music to be synchronized to images. For obvious reasons, they had to be tracks of short duration, characterized by a certain didactic 'formalism' that allowed an immediate choice for their main use.

The titles given to the compositions had to recall a specific topic or setting that would make the choice of technicians easy for synchronization. Tokyo, Uscita Da Scuola, Raid, Polvere Cosmica, Su Una Nuvola, Controspionaggio and Starne are, not surprisingly, some of the titles of the tracks of this album published more than forty years ago by Nuova Idea. Sounds from the Far East, folky and rock guitars, psychedelic rhythms, avant-garde tunes, cosmic echoes and much more are some of the elements of one of the most indecipherable records of that historical period, reissued for the first time on vinyl by Musica Per Immagini with a brand new artwork.


A1. Tokyo
A2. Piccola Idea
A3. Uscita Da Scuola
A3. Raid
A4. Polvere Cosmica
A5. Su Una Nuvola

B1. In Serie
B2. Rullo
B3. Digradante
B4. Oklahoma
B5. Controspionaggio
B6. Starne