Tortured In The Name of God's Unconditional Love (2LP)

Tortured In The Name of God's Unconditional Love (2LP)

Vinnie Paz
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Underground rap stalwart, Vinnie Paz returns with his seventh studio LP, Tortured in the Name of God’s Unconditional Love. The 18 track LP falls on the heels of Jedi Mind Trick’s 10th album, The Funeral and the Raven, which dropped in November of ’21, and succeed’s the April 21 release of Vinnie’s sixth studio LP, Burn Everything That Bears Your Name. Weighing in at nearly one hour of all new music, the hard-hitting LP ranks among Vinnie’s most decorated line-up of guest appearances to date, with features from the likes of Method Man, M.O.P., Kurupt, Geechi Suede (Camp Lo), Ras Kass, ILL Bill, Lord Goat, Big Twins, Thirstin Howl the 3rd and more. To boot, Pazienza calls upon the production talents of DJ Muggs, C-Lance, Stu Bangas, Oh No and more to lay the foundation with their neck-snapping soundscapes. Over the past two decades, Pack Pistol Pazzy has ranked amont the most commercially successful indie hip-hop artists in the underground, and with his latest solo effort his legacy is only further reinforced.


Pistol Opera 
Invisible Other 
Faith Healer 
Be Wise As Serpents 
Heroin On A Harpoon  
Curse of Canaan
Rambo Knife 
3 Levels of Hikmah.
Deadman’s Hand 
Winged Assassins 
A War Chest and Propaganda Machine 
Gunpowder Plot 
Slight Rebellion Off Madison 
Father Yod 
Spoils of War 
Joro Piana Robes 
Zafiro Anejo