Organic Dream (LP)

Organic Dream (LP)

Wendell Harrison
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Originally released in 1981, the second release from Wendell Harrison’s Wenha label (following Dreams of A Love Supreme), Organic Dream is one of the finest records to come out of Detroit’s DIY jazz scene in the 80’s. Album opener “Ginseng Love” is as smooth as butter, with warm analog synth strings and a gentle groove, over which Harrison plays saxophone, clarinet, and flute. His playing is as energetic as ever, with his free jazz tendencies tempered by mellow R&B influenced phrases. This is followed by “Winter”, a ballad that sees Harrison on clarinet playing with acoustic backing, showing off a softer side of Harrison’s playing that rarely gets the attention it deserves. However, things quickly pick up with “Love Juice”, a disco-boogie number perfect for any dance party. Staccato guitar rhythms, and a bouncing bassline combine to create a groove so perfect you’ll be nodding your head even just thinking about it. Harrison’s playing is louder and freer, with lines clearly inspired by the great R&B and pop saxophonists of the 80’s. “The Wok”, highly regarded by many as one of Harrison’s best compositions, is a mellow funk track, and despite its brevity, contains some of the deepest grooves in Harrison’s 80’s discography. As the name would suggest, oriental sounds are incorporated with funk grooves to create a sound that defies immediate characterization, but is fantastic nonetheless. With modern remastering and an obi-strip this album has never looked or sounded this good! Don’t miss Wendell Harrison’s Organic Dream, from P-vine Records!


A1. Ginseng Love
A2. Winter
A3. Love Juice

B1. Peace Of Mind
B2. The Wok
B3. A Green Meadow