Shades Of Blue (2LP)

Shades Of Blue (2LP)

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Shades Of Blue is a project that turns over the legacy of the esteemed Blue Note jazz label to one of hip-hop's most unique artists, Madlib. He is considered to be one of hip-hop's most inventive visionaries and connects it's productions through smart lyrics and poetics.


A1. Introduction
A2. Slim's Return
A3. Distant Land
A4. Mystic Bounce

B1. Stormy
B2. Blue Note Interlude
B3. Please Set Me At Ease
B4. Funky Blue Note
B5. Alfred Lion Interlude

C1. Sleeping Into Tomorrow
C2. Andrew Hill Break
C3. Montara

D1. Song For My Father
D2. Footprints
D3. Peace / Dolphin Dance
D4. Outro